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Re: GNOME question

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 09:18:48AM -0400, Peter Teichman wrote:

> > There was a discussion to merge Helix into Debian. The funny stuff is
> > that even if the Debian package is newer (and has a higher version number)
> > as long as it is the same version upstream apt will not update to the Debian
> > package. 
> Maybe I should provide a tool to allow easily removal of the Helix
> GNOME packages. I'll have to look into that..

That's no big deal. As an end user would not need that you would only need
to address developers. And I can just simply run

    # dpkg -r --force-depends     \
        $(awk '/^Pack/ {p=$2} /^Version.*helix/ {print p}' \

apt-get install -f should then hopefully fix the mess. I will try that
when my time allows it - I have other things to do currently ;)
> > I would really like to start merging the Helix changes but as Peter Teichman
> > from Helix pointed out there seem to be license issues about the graphics. 
> > And what's nice about Helix if not the graphics? I also can't understand 
> > why Helix does not like advertisement by having their logo in the world's
> > most stable Linux distribution...
> The problem is not whether we would like the advertising. I'm not sure
> whether our graphics are freely redistributable enough for Debian to
> ship. I need to ask the appropriate people here.

That would be great, thanks.
> Nothing can be done on this end for at least a week or so - most
> people here are heading to Linuxworld Expo. If anyone from Debian is
> there and interested, I'll be glad to try to hash out some of these
> issues.

Hmm, I do not know who will be there from Debian. I am unable to attend :(
Anyway, I hope you will meet some cool guys from Debian over there. Hopefully
that fair is as much fun as our LinuxTag in Germany was :)



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