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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

Decklin Foster <decklin@red-bean.com> writes:

> The argument for getting rid of all the stuff still lying around in
> netbase is that once the package really is a dummy ``this-only-exists-
> so-that-people-can-upgrade-easily'' package, then it can be removed,
> getting rid of the dependency on what the user doesn't want to
> install. Right now we can't do that, which I what I think Alex's point
> was.

This argument is silly.  All this rampant "split everything up"
attitude has to stop.  Splitting up gnome-applets into dozens of tiny
packages, splitting up netstd into many tiny packages, and splitting
up netbase are all bad ideas.

Netbase is barely 1 megabyte in size.  This is not a huge package.
Splitting it up results in a greater loss of utility (in terms of
package namespace pollution, increased size of package databases,
increased number of packages that users must wade through to get basic
functionality of the system, etc.) than could be gained by doing so.

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