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Re: New sections? (was Re: StarOffice source to be GPL'ed)

Eray Ozkural <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> writes:
> I wish to resuggest it here, that an object-oriented, multiply-inherited,
> package indexing will facilitate much better user interfaces. Package
> indexing or "classification" is orthogonal to package versioning and sectioning.

I think it sounds like a good suggestion, getting away from the very
limited tree-structure or ever just plain section-based.  I can see
the complete advantage when searching for things (and easier to
classify them), but thought should be put to how the file-system
should look like then (all in one dir? hardly!), and how it easily can
be browsed if you'd like to scan it through without seeing all
packages several times etc.

> I hope some people take a little time to think about this. Just imagine
> how brain-dead every package UI in debian is (and the winner is GNOME APT!!),
> and give it a second chance before you forget about it.

Yes, repost your previous mail and, if noone else, at least I will
have a look at it.

Regards, EOF

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