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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

Alex, you still Cc'ed Adam, and I'm quite sure that he's reading -devel.

On 10 Aug 2000, Alex Romosan <romosan@adonis.lbl.gov> wrote:
> if this is what you're referring to:
>   I intend to split netbase into a plethora of little packages based
>   on how they're distributed upstream. The new netbase package won't
>   quite be virtual: it'll still include some bits of infrastructure
>   (like update-inetd, and /etc/init.d/networking), but it's main job
>   will be depending on all the real tools.
> i've read it right after i tried to uninstall the packages i didn't
> want only to discover i couldn't do it. so netbase was split upstream.
> great, now i can install only the parts that i want. but i can't
> because netbase still depends on all these packages. so i would argue

 You keep ignoring that Anthony stated some times that this dependency
will be droped in the future.

> that this defeats the split upstream. moreover it introduces an
> empty package.

 It's _not_ an empty package, as also stated in the paragraph you
quoted.  Please start reading the messages you answer to.

 So long!
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