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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

[2000-08-09] Alex Romosan wrote:
> but there is nothing left in netbase except for some configuration
> files (/etc/protocols and /etc/services which should belong to the
> inetd package?

Although inetd is dependent on /etc/services, the file is also used
independently of inetd (e.g. human readable info such as netstat output).

I believe that it would also break the wording of policy section 5.2:

     The configuration files `/etc/services', `/etc/protocols', and
     `/etc/rpc' are managed by the `netbase' package and may not be
     modified by other packages.

     If a package requires a new entry in one of these files, the
     maintainer has to get in contact with the `netbase' maintainer, who
     will add the entries and release a new version of the `netbase'

If the services file needs to be updated before a package can be
released then it would probably be sensible for these to files to
exist in a file of their own.  And judging from wishlist entries
for netbase, it should probably have the ability to use custom entries.
(cf #46049)

Lee Maguire <lee@hexkey.co.uk> "traveling at the speed of time"

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