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Re: intent to package mrename

Christian Pernegger <pernegger@chello.at> wrote:
> The easiest way would be to make package lists per-directory items. This way
> a user not interested in X apps doesn't even see (or download) them. An
> added benefit of splitting the packages file is that if only the section
> main/games changed, the rest of main wouldn't have to be fetched.

One way to split it could be by interface. As I see it we have a number of
different interfaces in Debian:

Command Line

and KDE outside of Debian.

As a user I might say that I am only interested in the command line stuff, I
never use X11. Or I could say that I am a Gnome user, I am not interested in
the other interfaces.

Just a thought.

Don't worry  --  shop.

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