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Re: BTS really broken

Adam Heath wrote:
> >   if (! $maint{$p} ||
> >       ($news == $suite{$p} || $news != $DI::dist{'experimental'}{'suite'}) &&
> >       ($news > $suite{$p} || newer($newv, $version{$p})) &&
> >       (($arch{$p} ne 'any' && $arch{$p} ne 'all') || $newa eq 'any' || $newa eq 
> > 'all')) {
> Imho, I'd remove the '! $maint{$p}' part.  This means the first instance of a
> package in any file will be saved.  In prc-tools case, this first version is
> wrong.

I don't think it's that simple -- notice the huge and complex or
statement after it that makes it take later instances under certian
conditions. If it were that simple, we'd have all noticed this
problem whenever we had a package in unstable change owners, but it
seems to work most of the time, so I think the problem is more complex.

see shy jo

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