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Intent to port SuperH


I wish to create a port to Debian GNU/Linux to SuperH
http://linuxsh.sourceforge.net/.   On April, Niibe-san, 
the developer of Linux/SH, posted intention to port Debian/SH 
I think it's good that debian become first distribution
for Linux/SH.

Recently, I got HP Jornada 680/690 and try to run
Linux/SH http://www.hf.rim.or.jp/~yaegashi/ on these machine.
It works, and can compile some programs.
I think we can start portint debian to SuperH already.
Yaegashi-san, another developer of Linux/SH, already build some
*_sh.deb and cross development environments.  

At first, I requests new list: debian-sh@lists.debian.org and
I'd like to gather these information reletad to debian/sh in 

Any comments?

Fumitoshi UKAI

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