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Re: Bug#68661: Should not remove pager's alternative on upgrade

On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 10:42:36AM +0200, Robert Luberda wrote:

> But there is another problem:  update-alternatives resets  link for
> pager to the best alternative even when w3m is upgraded and alternative 
> `pager -> w3m' is removed. I think this is a bug in update-alternatives,
> which should resets link to default only if  alternative for program
> which I set as my pager, is removed. (If my alternative for pager is
> less, update-alternative should reset link to the best alternative
> _only_ when less is removed. In other words: if w3m (more, lv,...) 
> is not my pager, why removing w3m (more, lv...) resets link to the best  
> pager's alternative???)

Was your pager alternative manually selected?  If so, then replacing

	$state = "expected"


	$state eq "expected"

on line 304 of /usr/sbin/update-alternatives should fix the problem.

This is not a less bug.

I can't tell if the dpkg crew are aware of this or not.  I sent a
message describing the problem to debian-dpkg (which then made it into
the relevant bug report thanks to a clueful user), but I didn't get a
response from anyone who works on dpkg.


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