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Re: woody/sendmail-nontls/pine

Thus spake Robert Lazzurs (lazzurs@cableinet.co.uk):

> Hi, I upgraded a few weeks ago from potato to woody, and all was fine
> until the other day when I ran apt-get update/upgrade which downloaded a
> new version of sendmail.  Now pine (alough everything else can) can't
> send mail through send mail, which is more than a pain, because I rely
> heavly on my e-mail to communicate, and I can't use it because there are
> no other mail clients as good under debian (kmail is, but lets not go
> into that). (BTW, I am typing this from evolution, it WILL be nice once
> it is finished)

Uhm, like,... what about downgrading sendmail to the potato version?

BTW: mutt is better than pine ;)

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