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help please

hi, I am using the continuous speech program, that is just started to type backwards on adult finders.com.  That seems to be working find other environments including some environs on the Internet, my Internet capability is switched on the only environment it does not work properly is adult friend finders.com and environment it does not work properly.
but it basically starts out with what I say in the beginning and the second time I start out its starts typing at the beginning of the page and states typing at the beginning of the page making everything backwards dyslexia, is already a condition i deals with.for a moment I thought i may have tot my continuous speech program to be dyslexia but that is naturally impossible
So when I'm in adult friend finders and I E-mail a girl I start up by saying hello my name is David, I just read your profile, and that part of it was is typed in the beginning of the letter ,David and any help you may give me it will be greatly appreciated

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