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Re: Bug#68649: [woody] include file conflicts

Brian May <bam@debian.org> wrote:
> As the maintainer of heimdal-dev, how should I fix this problem?

> Unpacking replacement heimdal-dev ...
> dpkg - warning, overriding problem because --force enabled:
>  trying to overwrite `/usr/include/glob.h', which is also in package libc6-dev

> I have attached the conflicting file, I don't know if this is different
> from the version supplied with libc6-dev or not...

You should remove glob.h from your package.  This is a POSIX header file
which is part of glibc.

The version in your package seems to be the BSD version of the same thing,
which is unfortunately incompatible with the actual function in glibc.  Maybe
you can modify your code to use the GNU glob(3)?
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