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Another debian derived system - NIC (www.thinknic.com)

Larry Ellison's new company doing a 'thin client', the NIC
(http://www.thinknic.com) has shipped the unit finally.

I bought one weeks ago, got it the other day, and hacked up a bash shell
on it the first night, and lo and behold, the OS is based on Debian. So it
says in the kernel and boot among other places (grin).

Joey, another derived system to add to the Potato press release...

It's entirely CD based, with a 4 meg ide flash for storing preferences and
settings.  It's very cool, and for $199, possible one of the cheapest ways
to buy a computer or x-terminal right now. It runs Netscape 4.73 very
well, and has ssh, telnet, vnc, irc and more.

A unofficial 'fan/hack' site is at http://www.bestkungfu.com/nicfit
and there are a few mailing lists already (@ egroups.com)

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