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RE: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material]

True, most of my systems I've upgraded from slink, but I've been testing the
potato installs on re-installs (from RedHat to Debian) or on new systems,
and the bootfloppies have worked quite well for me on several systems.  With
some of the new features (md5 passwords, new ext2fs, and so on) I've been
tempted to reinstall some of the systems that I've upgraded over time.

All I can say is good work everyone... :)

Dennis J. Behrens
Operations Analyst
Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. 

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On 04-Aug-00, 03:27 (CDT), Christian Pernegger <pernegger@chello.at> wrote: 
> > My laptop has lived on dozens of addresses, and fetched the potato
> > package list on almost each one...
> You're right. Why not count the base-system fetches?

Because many of us just upgraded from slink. Which brings up a point:
there is probably a big difference in the number of people who have
tested the potato distribution and the number who have tested the base
install kit.


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