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Re: Debian Advantages

On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 07:52:02PM +0200, Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> was heard to say:
> I was reminded that I started to document Advantages of the
> Debian distribution in comparison with others.  I doubt that
> I made the URL public and asked for input yet.  Therefore
> please find the document below and send me your additions.
> http://www.infodrom.ffis.de/~joey/Debian-Advantages-HOWTO.txt

  In the "Integration" section, right after SysV init, you
could mention the availability of file-rc as a cleaner drop-in
replacement (which is made possible by the abstraction layer
of update-rc.d, etc, etc)


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