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Re: ITP: aewm, dagrab

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 08:39:35PM -0400, Decklin Foster wrote:
> Unfortunately my CD-ROM drive is not working ATM. Can someone test
> whether cdparanoia vs. cdda2wav is the same as cdparanoia vs. dagrab?
> If so, maybe it would be a bad idea to clutter things up with yet
> another package.

Since when we have the policy to filter packages? I think this is
possible/good for task lists or recommended priorites, but not for including
the software at all. Since we are unable to forsee which of the packages the
usr community will accept and which ones will die (if any).

The idea of ITP was not to keep the distribution small.. at least we should
state this in policy if we want to start with it.. and we have to reinspect
every single package in the distribution.


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