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ITO: packages up for adoption


netscape4.5 (slink)
netscape4.06 (slink)
netscape4.07 (slink)
netscape4.08 (slink) (parts exist in woody, but not in potato)
plugger (requires non-free(no license even) ns-plugin-sdk.  I can give out the
	 diffs that I made to make a deb)

I have scripts that I use to parse the tar.gzs from netscape, into usuable
dir structures, for building of debs.  I can give those to whoever wants
them.  Or, you can just roll your own, and come up with a new way of pkging
netscape.  I really don't care.

Also, some of these pkgs use DBS, which stands for(for lack of a better name
at the time) Doogie's Build System.  It is a set of helper scripts that make
managing multiple patches to source easier.  I don't care if you keep using
it, or not, when you take it over.  I'll still probably maintain dbs, and
update parts, but I won't push it.

These are not all my pkgs.  Most, but not all.  I am not withdrawing from the
project, only tightening my focus on packages that have bearing where I
work, or that I have personal interest in.  I just don't want to be burdened 
with the turmoil that goes on behind the scenes.  It just isn't worth it,

(The above was written 3 weeks ago.  I have pulled it out of my postponed
mails, added the below(after what happened yesterday and today on
#debian-devel), and sent it).

I am a volunteer.  I am not paid to work on debian.  I can not be ordered to
do something that I do on my spare time.  Forcing me to do something will
just make me inclined to do nothing, and ignore you.

I have other issues in my life, that need attending to(work, home, living in
general) that MUST come before my debian obligations(I specifically do not say
duties).  I do not have to enumerate my issues and problems, but forcing me to
do something, when I have no time, will be the quickest way to have me devote
even less time to the 'issue' at hand.

Netscape has a ton of bugs, that require lots of time to go thru, and
sort.  Netscape is non-free, and has always been buggy, with known security
holes.  Why is this time any different?  Just because the 'hole' is known, and
easy to exploit?

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ps: Again, this is not a withdrawal from the project.  I just don't wish to
deal with the turmoil that any large developer has to deal with, so I am
making myself a small developer.

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