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Re: Intent to port to ia64

> I would like to sponsor you. But I have the problem that I havent yet worked
> wth build daemons, so the first few packages are done by handwork. But I
> guess you are not ready to set up an auto builder anyway?

I suspect it will be some time before we will get to the build-daemon

> Where do i have to register to get an compile account, since I dont want to
> upload your packages but also do some compiles myself?

see http://sourceforge.net/compilefarm/ for Sourceforge's IA64 compile
farm and access licensing requirements. There is something called the
"OPEN-SOURCE CLICKWRAP IPLA" that you have to agree to before they'll
give the access. The gist of this is that you cannot publish any
benchmarking data on the very preliminary IA-64 hardware that
is currently out there.

To wit:
4. Since the Intel Equipment that you are using is pre-release hardware
and incorporates pre-release software and is configured to permit multiple 
people to test code on the equipment, this equipment will not generate
reliable benchmarking data. I understand that no reliable benchmarking data 
can be generated on the Intel Equipment. Therefore, you agree that you
will not disclose publicly or share with any third party any benchmarks 
generated using the Intel Equpment and/or Intel Software. 

> Do you cross-compile? Is the emulator available as a free package?

There are ia32-ia64 cross-compilers, and they work, but you can't use 
cross-compilers to do a real port. The emulators are non-free and for our 
purposes should be avoided IMHO.

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