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Re: splitting up kernel-image into two pieces

On Jul 25, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Nick Cabatoff <ncc@cs.mcgill.ca> wrote:
> > On Jul 25, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >
> >> 	Are there significant gains by packaging the ln -s + lilo command?
> > For me there are.  I'm using this in a context where packages are
> > installed automatically, so I don't want to have to issue the ln
> > command by hand.  Also, since all configuration information for a
> > machine is in the package database, I want which kernel is in use to
> > be represented there too.
> Can't you do this in a script?

How?  The script needs to know which kernel image to ln.  Where does it
get that information?

Anyway, I really wish this thread would die.  Evidently I'm alone in my
desire for the split, and that's fine.  I'll do it at our site, if
anyone else subsequently discovers the urge they'll find this thread in
the mail archives and they can mail me to get a copy of my rules file,
and that's that.

If anyone's genuinely interested as to why I want to do things this way
at our site, I'll post a URL describing the configuration system we're
using.  Maybe it'll make more sense in that light.

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