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Re: RFC - Splitting gnome-applets

> There is 3 solutions:
> 1)
> One big package. Size 3965 KB
> 2)
> 29 Packages. Size 16 KB to 1633 KB. Total 4336 KB.
> 3)
> 8 Packages:

I would rather agree with Joey and prefer 4th solution, that will
require you to take pains of public discussion (or even voting) and
select one best applet from each category and put them into
gnome-applets-base, and the rest into gnome-applets-other. Take
Frederico's choice for the first approximation.

As an added benefit, this will also pick up better applets, both
stimulating applet developers and providing confused user with choice. I
remember that when Debian changed its default mail client to Mutt, I
hardly new that name because there where so many other MUAs and I just
used elm betting on Debian's choice.

Or, even better, leave applets alone and look at the themes instead. You
are always using applets from different categories, but on your own
machine you will use one single favorite theme most of the time.


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