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Re: cupsys (was: Re: lprng as 'stantard' package)

>>>>> "Henrique" == Henrique M Holschuh <hmh+debianml@rcm.org.br> writes:

    Henrique> Right, I'll write it. CUPS is broken for */* MIME types
    Henrique> right now (I tested :-), and the manual DOES say "DON'T
    Henrique> DO IT"), so one would have to add the filters directly
    Henrique> (which isn't a bad thing, come to think of it). Which
    Henrique> means write a 'magicfilter' clone for CUPS instead of
    Henrique> interfacing the two (it'd be pointless to interface the
    Henrique> two packages since all the MIME detection and
    Henrique> identification would have to be duplicated anyway).

Would it be practical to write some sort of filter that

magicfilter --> CUPS config format

or, if this is too difficult/impossible (eg not enough information
given, or too difficult to extract):

newformat --> magicfilter
newformat --> CUPS

(ideally this newformat would be written is such a way that it would
work with any software, now or in the future).


Then again, with the other poor design decisions I have heard about in
this thread, I am not convinced the CUPS is the way to go.

Anyone used pdq? See http://feynman.tam.uiuc.edu/pdq/, I believe it is
GPL, and supports GTK rather then KDE. Not sure how it compares, I
have never used it myself. I don't think anyone has packaged it for
Debian yet either...
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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