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Re: removing duplicate posts

Colin Marquardt <colin@marquardt-home.de> writes:

> And you even have the "Mail-Copies-To: never"-Header, so any sensible
> mailclient should respect it (although there is the discussion about
> the syntax of that header).

I don't think MCT is "standard enough". Unfortunately. Lobbying
upstream authors to implement it would be nice, though.

> Apparently 
>   User-Agent: tin/pre-1.4-980226 (UNIX) (Linux/2.2.12 (i586))
> doesn't (this is Herbert Xu's MUA from that message he Cc:'ed to
> you.)

IIUC Herbert is replying in a local news forum behind a gateway. This
may have something to do with it, too.

> File a bug?

Wishlist, yes.


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