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Re: Making dpkg-gencontrol behave....

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> In the master control file each separate paragraph (after the source
> paragraph) describes one binary package, along with its version number.

That's not correct. The debian/control files does *not* contain package
versions. DEBIAN/control does, but they are automatically added to that
file by dpkg-gencontrol.

Clay, debhelper actually supports independant debian changelogs for
subpackages in a source package. From the man page of

      (If files named debian/package.changelog
       exist,   they   will   be   used    in    preference    to

dh_gencontrol also uses the same changelogs when generating control

Therefore, you can make a debian/foo.changelog, with its own list of
changes and its own version number. It will be used for package foo. You
can do this for every binary package you generate, or if you prefer, you
can leave it out for some of them and maintain a debian/changelog that
will be used by default for packages that don't have their own debian 

I think doing this is pretty insane, but it is supported by debhelper.
If it doesn't actually work, please send me a test case

see shy jo, debhelper author

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