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Re: PMFJI, but what (if anything is happening wrt crypto and us)?

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 03:50:10PM -0400, Richard A Nelson wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Ben Collins wrote:
> > Yes, you can package it, so long as you don't link it with SSL. Note,
> > openldap can also be linked with SSL and Kerberos (as do many other
> > programs), but the binaries aren't linked, and can go safely into us/main.
> Then why did sendmail have to register, they don't ship binaries...
> My understanding (often flawed) is that even the *hooks* for crypto
> constitute crypto.
> I'd also like to be able to have support for TLS/SSL linked in - instead
> of me doing sendmail and x from a more liberal country supporting 
> sendmail-tls.

Incorrect info. Bind actually contained RSA code in the source, IIRC. This
constitued actual crypto code in the source, which is not the same as
hooks into crypto, which is why mutt, even though it can invoke pgp/gpg,
is not considered crypto.


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