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Re: splitting up kernel-image into two pieces

>>"Nick" == Nick Cabatoff <ncc@cs.mcgill.ca> writes:

 Nick> It's not that it does anything 'wrong' per se, it's that I don't agree
 Nick> that installing a kernel image on a machine should make it the only
 Nick> operative one.  Put another way, I want to have multiple kernel images
 Nick> available sometimes; I don't want the order in which they're installed
 Nick> to matter, and I don't want putting the kernel on disk to potentially
 Nick> make the machine unbootable.  (These issues are particularly important
 Nick> to me because on our system packages are mostly installed 
 Nick> noninteractively.)

 	Well, I think you need a better designed lilo.conf. I have
 other entries in my lilo.conf than /vmlinuz and /vmlinuz.old; I have
 stable, unstable, and the initrd stuff from boot floppies in there;
 you perhaps need to have something like that too. 

 Nick> The immediate motivation for me was that I was irritated that when
 Nick> installing different kernel-images on a machine I had to boot off a
 Nick> floppy.  Scenario:

 Nick> - install image A on machine - now the old kernel I had gets moved to
 Nick>   vmlinuz.old
 Nick> - discover image A doesn't boot, so try image B - now A is
 Nick>   vmlinuz.old, and my old working kernel isn't listed in lilo.conf
 Nick> - reboot, curse, and go find a boot floppy

 	And fix lilo.conf to not let you back into this position
 again. I have posted a lilo.conf that should be an example.

 I really hate this damned machine I wish that they would sell it. It
 never does quite what I want But only what I tell it.
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