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Re: new fields in debian/control


> Date:    17 Jul 2000 10:17:55 EDT
> To:      debian-devel@lists.debian.org
> From:    Itai Zukerman <zukerman@math-hat.com>
> Subject: Re: new fields in debian/control
> > > * Origin
> > >   This lists the origin of a package. For all Debian packages this should
> > >   be `Debian'. 
> Will the package building tools be patched to only allow Debian
> packages to depend on Debian packages?  That is, to issue a warning 
>  * if you attempt to build A as Origin: Debian, and
>  * if A depends on (recommends, suggests) B, and
>  * if the B on your system doesn't have Origin: Debian?
> -itai

Hell, no! I hope not, because I have local package ideas that need to depend
on packages in other realms.

However, your message brings up an interesting point....

Can a depend relationship point external to its realm? Like, if say non-free
were split off of debian and a packaging archive plus bts were built for it,
and further assume that the split was clean and not a fork, you might have
packages in that realm depending on a debian package... 

But packages in debian's main should only point at another pkg in main, or
to nothing (if, say, it were statically linked).

The question still stands tho: if a complete packaging realm were to be 
built, could packages depend on packages in other packaging realms?


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