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Re: libtool and sonames

>> Federico Di Gregorio <fog@mixadlive.com> writes:

 > right. but the packages are more like libelastic14, libelastic22, ...,
 > libelastic123 (go, read configure.in and see what's the default way
 > of generating  library versioning info...)

 Gladly, if you tell me where to find the source for this library.
 > at now, the author does not use --version-info, it uses -release instead.
 > i can simply provide elastic0.0.15, elastic0.0.16 and so on (with libs
 > packages libelastic0.0.15, etc...) but i have to produce a **new** 
 > package everytime the upstream author does a release. and that is *bad*.

 Hmmm... that's what the libtool documentation says you should do.  At
 least the author is reading the docs.

 Again, if the API is really *that* unstable, a) I don't think many
 people will be using this library soon and b) it sounds like its being
 used as part of a larger project, which again, makes this a good
 candidate for a static library, at least for now.  Static libraries
 aren't inferior as you suggest.  It's just a pain to recompile stuff
 everytime the library changes, but AFAICS you'll be doing that anyway.

 > now, in debian we have to put major version as soname. this is
 > required by policy. so the question is: what version number do i put
 > in the library?  (note that programs compiled on other dists won't
 > run anyway...) 
 What's the soname of the library? (objdump -p libfoo.so | grep SONAME) 



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