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Re: libtool and sonames

>> Federico Di Gregorio <fog@mixadlive.com> writes:

 > 	i am packaging a libtoolized library and i am havin some
 > problems on how to name the resulting package. the program
 > (elastiC) is in early beta and the libelastic API changes quite a
 > lot.

Then don't make a shared library of it, just a static one (read
libtool.info).  I searched on FM and Google and nothing came up, so I
guess this library is not being intensively used, is it?  Just provide
a libelastic-dev, and when the API stabilizes start providing shared

 > i would very much prefer to version the library 0.14, 0.15 (or
 > 0.0.14, 0.0.15) and so on, switching to 1.x.x when backward
 > incompatibilities are added (plain old debian way.)

nonsense.  Please avoid the RH way of doing things.

a) You are not the author of the library, I guess.  If upstream says
   the interface is changing, I guess he knows why.

b) If some other people provide packages for some other distro, then
   the packages compiled on Debian boxes won't run on non-Debian
   boxes.  That's bad.

c) As Debian maintainer of the library, the only problem you have is
   the increasing amount of packages you would be maintaining (i.e.,
   libelastic14, libelastic15, ...)  If you really want to avoid that,
   just don't provide a shared library.  It be neat if you could
   provide libelastic14-dev et al, but that's not really necessary.

 > simply go on and enforce my own versioning scheme?

Please don't.


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