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Re: cupsys (was: Re: lprng as 'stantard' package)


Henrique M Holschuh schrieb:
>  -  cupsys-ppd
>       Lots and lots of freely-distributable PPDs. Note that the ppds
>       distributed with CUPS are in the cupsys base package, not here.
>       BTW, IMHO PPDs should always be conffiles and stored somewhere in /etc, 
>       not in /usr/lib or /usr/share.
>  -  cupsys-gs
>       The GS PPD and filter glue,

There are two ppd-packages:
ppd-gs, orphaned since 546 days
ppd-adobe, orphaned since 787 days, withdrawn, non-free

Just in case ...

ciao, 2ri
0 and 1. Now what could be so hard about that?

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