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Re: IPv6 adoption

On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 04:11:30AM +0300, Mika Liljeberg wrote:
> [begin nitpicking]
> :-) Two minor points:
> - It was 313 million per CUBIC millimeter, not square millimeter

You still think of giving out EVERY ip address - This will never happen
and this hasnt happened to IPV4 - You loose a lot of ip address
when you need a lot locations, subnets etc - I think with a big
isp (As i am working for) looses 40-50% of its ip address to
just get routing, inter router networks etc to run ...

> - version 8 is already assigned, the next version would have to
>   be something like IPv10

:) OK - Lets call it IP v NextHiperNumber 

> Huh? We have been doing this since the dawn of IPv4! IPv6 changes
> nothing in this respect.

Not IPv6 makes this worse - The Bandwidth demand in the next
Decades will make this Happen. We have to assign IP Address more
in respect to routing topology than we do know. 

If MAE-East now doesnt accept announcements < /22 we will go up
to /8 or something within short timerange.

> Seriously, you're seeing the first section of an S curve. Exponential
> growth doesn't go on forever. It tapers off when the environment is
> saturated.

This is what history should have learned us - Dont underestimate
the market - If once they have seen what makes life easy they will adopt
it very quick ...

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