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Re: slink dpkg failed assertion/potato dpkg in slink

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 11:58:39AM -0400, Nick Cabatoff wrote:
> > Individual packages may implement it in their debian/rules somehow.
> > Try 'fakeroot debian/rules binary-dpkg' in dpkg tree, that should
> > build just the dpkg package.
> It should, I agree.  However, it doesn't.  The binary-* rules simply
> determine which .deb files get created, but the whole shebang is built
> regardless.

Ah, right, the problem is in doc/Makefile.in, sorry.

> > > - In this case, looking at dpkg's Makefile.in, debiandoc2html is
> > >   called with flags '-D. -h'; I don't know what -h is supposed to do
> > >   here, but clearly -D. means to work in the current directory.
> > >   Unfortunately, the version in potato and woody (1.1.41) doesn't seem
> > >   to support that flag, and -h produces a usage message.  Help?
> > 
> > Actually, it should be "-n -D." (that's how it is in my CVS checkout),
> > meaning it's an option to be passed on to nsgmls.
> That makes a great deal of sense.  Wichert, should I file a bug for
> this one-byte fix, or (sense I imagine you're following this thread
> anyway) will you make the change without it?  

What is the version of dpkg source you were trying to compile? Maybe it was
fixed already (since potato branch in CVS has it fixed).

> Incidently, dpkg-source unpacks the 'debian' directory with mode 2755,
> which prevents dpkg-deb from executing properly.  Anyone care to
> hazard a guess why it's done that way?

The `.' directory has the same mode for some reason, so debian/ just picked
it up? Just a wild guess...

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