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Re: Does Security matter at all?

Christopher W. Curtis writes:
> Ari Makela wrote:
> Define untrusted.  In order to exploit the autofs misconfiguration, you
> have to have a shell account on that computer.  Anyone ever hear of
> disgruntled employee?

Anybody who you wouldn't give root password.

> > repeated in this thread many times. There is no other solution. It's
> The solution is trivial.  It exists in /etc/fstab

No, because physical access is needed there's absolutely no
solution. I must say I haven't read all the posts in the thread but I
have understood that physical access is needed. If that's correct
there's no security. Tell me if I'm wrong.

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my $s={j=>'rekcaH lreP rehtonA tsuJ'};bless $s,$c;return $s;}sub print{my 
$s=shift;$s->{j}=reverse($s->{j});print $s->{j},"\n";}1;

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