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>>>> "DB" == Daniel Burrows <Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu> writes:


DB>   If so, and if the other Gnome maintainers are letting their packages
DB> stagnate  because of Helix's work, maybe it would be better to move
DB> those into the  official Debian archives and make the Helix guy their
DB> maintainer..that would  make things better for woody users at least
DB> (although stable users will be  stuck with an obsolete version of
DB> Gnome for the next eighteen months or so :( )

Sorry, but my packages (gnome-libs) are bug free and up to date.

Gnome-applets 1.2.0, Gnome-core 1.2.1, Gnome-pim1.2.0, Gnome-utils_1.2.0
           Sawfish 0.28.1, Gogo 2.35, Gkrellm/Xmms plugin
http://marillat.free.fr/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/ or for apt-get
	     deb http://marillat.free.fr/ unstable main

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