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Re: Debian 2.2 Release.

On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 05:59:41AM +0200, Nils Lohner wrote:
> In message <20000628050542.A5464@priv3.onet.pl>, Tomasz Wegrzanowski writes:
> >I was talking about applications (see my list : mozilla, freeciv,
> >gnumeric...) They usually can't break anything but themself.
> >
>   Sounds like what you're saying is that any package that no other package 
> depends on should be allowed in whenever, since the only risk is breaking 
> the package itself.  Makes sense, but is it risk-free in terms of security, 

There's another reason for breakage not mentioned here, but very real:

Most new releases of gnumeric have dependencies on libraries that were
released the same day as gnumeric itself. Most of those libraries form
the basis of GNOME, thereby having the potential of disturbing a large
number of packages.
Now if you say: sure, we'll only allow the latest gnumeric in when all
its libraries have gone in through the normal process, then you've just
described current practice for unstable (minus the annoying feature that
any existing package that suddenly depends on a new or split-off library
can cheerfully be broken for days while those libs are waiting to be

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