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Re: Debian 2.2 Release.

Hypothesis A:

> If we actually followed your plan, I'm afraid debian would *never* be
> stable.

Hypothesis B:

>I was talking about applications (see my list : mozilla, freeciv,
>gnumeric...).  They usually can't break anything but themself.

Because we have data, this can be an scientific question rather than a
philosophical one (woohoo!). I suggest the following experiment:

  Review the list of grave/release-critical bugs in Woody right now
  vs. the list of grave/release-critical bugs in Potato right
  now. Take into account the number, nature, and causes of those bugs.

Which hypothesis (A, B, Both? Neither?) does the data support?   


PS. The opportunity to test a hypothesis with real live data is a
blessing -- not something to be ignored. I guess that's why I went for
engineering rather than politics. <grin>

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