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Re: new great debian feature (was: modular design for adduser)

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 01:19:11PM +0200, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

I didn't read it as two different things, but for something that
manages adduser and PAM and (you name it).  Yes, a big wish list.  ;^)

Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but NFS, NIS, LDAP piece implies a 
network view, not a single workstation.  Debian has a way to go
as a "network" distribution.  For example, one really can't
use vanilla adduser on a network where you want to maintain uniform
userland across multiple machines.  Instead, one needs to adduser
to a core db/nis/something that distributes new userland.  Or you
might want a non-tech admin (like General Manager) to put an account
on audit without having to find local BOFH.  

We have something along those lines: it's a curses interface to
mySQL and a pile of scripts to perform any number of systems tasks.
Really just an overgrown accounting/customer management package.  I'd
guess most anyone that's been running a system for a while has
something like that.  And I'd also guess it's the most crufty
patched together thing on their system.  ;^)


> hi,
> 	you are talking about two different thingies. one thing is
> account management a là adduser another one is accounting, policies and
> the like, already well done by pam. so lets just stick to user
> creation/modification/deletion with some added goodies like DB, LDAP
> and NIS.
> ciao,
> federico
> > ah... we have to maximize the powers of groups and do not forget
> > e3fs (if i'm not wrong, something about users and priviledges changes).
> > 
> > we have to think at synchronization with nfs uids/gids, look right at
> > nis/nis+.
> > 
> > what about smartcards? uh.. what about other authentication methods?
> > 
> > modules, modules, modules?  c, c++, perl, python?
> > 
> > interact with databases is another must.
> > 
> > do you want to add a new cvs user? ok, download a plug-in and play
> > with it.
> > 
> > don't you like *that* user, tell your user manager to audit him.
> > so a plug-in for user accounting is needed.
> > 
> > lots lots of these ideas can be requested, if we have a good framework
> > we or others can add them succesfully in a second phase.
> > 
> > what about *that*?
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