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new great debian feature (was: modular design for adduser)

ok, it seems we found a new feature to add at our great distribution.
you know, one of that make difference like our packaging system.

in my (little) experience in the unix evironment, i din't ever found
any (very) clever user management system.

imho, it's time to do it now.

i think we can open a new project, maybe a mailing list for now.
we need to talk, gather as many whishes as we can, paint a good
"big picture", try some implementation design of this new system.

of course we should think at something that is a little backward
compatible in order to not get our users completely confused.

ah... we have to maximize the powers of groups and do not forget
e3fs (if i'm not wrong, something about users and priviledges changes).

we have to think at synchronization with nfs uids/gids, look right at

what about smartcards? uh.. what about other authentication methods?

modules, modules, modules?  c, c++, perl, python?

interact with databases is another must.

do you want to add a new cvs user? ok, download a plug-in and play
with it.

don't you like *that* user, tell your user manager to audit him.
so a plug-in for user accounting is needed.

lots lots of these ideas can be requested, if we have a good framework
we or others can add them succesfully in a second phase.

what about *that*?

ps: security, this is a big issue we have to look at in every stage.

  Domenico Andreoli, aka cavok

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