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Re: new great debian feature (was: modular design for adduser)

> hi,

> 	you are talking about two different thingies. one thing is
> account management a là adduser another one is accounting, policies
> and

two different accaunting concepts, of course. i was just enumerating
modules anybody could implement. i was not thinking pam already
provides this service. said that, pam and pumm (pluggable user
management module?) should work together in order to gain more power
and flexibility and not to duplicate efforts. :)

btw, pam is external to debian while pumm is, for now, a debian
feature. this issue could be fatal to projects coordination.

> the like, already well done by pam. so lets just stick to user
> creation/modification/deletion with some added goodies like DB, LDAP
> and NIS.
hell, i had to hack adduser to make it update my users' preferences
database. adduser.local was not interactive anough with adduser.

> ciao,
ciao ;)

-----[ Domenico Andreoli, aka cavok

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