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Re: dist-upgrade wants to remove scwm

mwooding@thecity.sfsu.edu (Miguel Wooding SF Ten.Union) writes:

> I simply followed a link from the Debian Documentation Project page in
> the Developers' Corner at the Debian web site.  All the pages leading
> up to this were in English; isn't it reasonable to expect that they
> would continue in English?

If for some reason, your browser is configured[1] to prefer, say,
Spanish pages, you will see some pages in English (because no Spanish
version exists), and others in Spanish.

BTW, while experimenting, I found a real bug:

is correct, but .../index.de.html contains the Slink version. Other
language versions (tried es, fr) seem to suffer from similar problems.

[1]  FWIW, Netscape has this in Edit/Preferences/Navigator/Languages


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