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Re:auto-login patch for xdm-Buggy and locked Linux

> So.it's a good thing I have experience on how to boot in runlevel 1
> run fsck and keep track of all changes.:-)

>  You can guess already that things didn't worked.Shortly ,after all
> the modifications done to kdm
so you patched and compiled by hand, right?
if so, how did you compile? using "debian/rules build"? if not, then this
_might_ be your problem.
> (not xdm since that kept restarting)
> system was starting in runlevel 4(not documented but not a problem
> for a user with some experience),
it should be documented in "man inittab".
> and locked there in tty2 with an
> error message -press Enter to restart X.Tried to login in tty1
> as root just to discover that the left SHIFT was disabled (I do have
> a few capitals in my password) and after typing the root pasword ,by the
> time I got to the shell prompt the system locked completely.CTRL ALT DEL
> didn't help so time for hard reboot(took some time since I have 4
> partitions 2 GB each and a 1 GB one for / ).Changed the symlinks in
> rc.d's back to regular kdm and everything works fine.
so here my theory: the problem is probably the configuration/compilation
itself, not my patch (did you try an unpatched compile?). if not, then i'm
kind of stunned, because my patch should not affect such low-level things
like the keyboard ...

> My system: AMD K6/2 450 on a ASUS P5A M/B ,Voodoo3 -3000,196 MB of RAM.
> I use the framebuffer for Voodoo in shell at 800x600(with a script in
> init.d and started from rcS.d and /etc/profile).
this info is mostly useless. :-(
more interesting would be info about library versions, etc. but don't
expect me to install all of them to try to reproduce your problem ... ;-)

> My /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager points to /usr/bin/kde since it
that is good
> was pointing to kdm
that is NOT good ... kdm is a display manager, not a window manager! or
did you mean kwm?
> before RCT1 when suddenly stoped working this way
> (kdm was restarting,coming back at the login prompt,the behaviour that
> xdm have now with your autologon patch).
this sounds, like xdm being unable to start the session. it authenticates
the user and restarts upon session failure. as the user is authenticated
again, you get into a circle ... but this is only one of many possible
the restart-problem may also be related to xdm not being able to start the
x-server properly. but if x works otherwise, this is a bit unlikely.

> So if you need nore info about the hardware or my setup no problem,
hardware no, setup possibly yes.
> especially if you make it run with more than 1 VT.
<default statement>
On MY system it DOES work! :-))))
</default statement>

>  I still like the idea but for now..
> sorry it's just not working on my setup.
try the unpatched and then the patched compile with the debian-rules. see
above. :-)

hth & good luck!

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