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Re: dist-upgrade wants to remove scwm

On 24 Jun 2000, Miguel Wooding SF Ten.Union wrote:

> apt-get wants to remove scwm when I dist-upgrade, rathern than
> upgrading it.  Any idea why?  This seems like undesirable behavior;
> have I caused it in some way or is something wrong with scwm or ... ?
> apt-get actually wants to remove six packages:
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   console-tools console-tools-data egcs-docs netpbm-nonfree open scwm 

In general, a package is removed if 1) a new pkg conflicts with it, or 2) it
has a versioned (`==' or `<=') Depend on a pkg that is being upgraded to a
too-high version, or 3) it Depends on some other pkg that is removed because
of either 1), 2) or 3).

So you'd want to check both your /v/l/d/status file and `apt-cache dumpavail'
for depends of scwm itself and references to scwm or it's Depends by other
pkgs. (And in the mean time get an idea of the terribly complex things that
apt handles easily ;-) 

  Anne Bezemer

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