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Re: VMware on Debian

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 02:51:07 -0400 (+0000), Behan Webster wrote:
> Has anyone put together a vmware installer for debian?  There seems to
> be mention of such a beast on the kernel mailing list archives, but I
> can't find out where I can get a copy of it.
> I hate installing anything on my Debian box without using dpkg.
> Ideally I'd like a vmware.deb, but an installer from the .tar.gz or .rpm
> would be great!
> If no-one has such a thing, I might just try to put one together.

The tarball installs fine for me.  Now if only VMware could put together a
configure script that was even 10% useful.  There current one is dreadful -
long, complicated, breaks all over the place....   That is something I'd
reallly appreciate in a Debian package :-) 

a) setting variables, then unsetting them and resetting them
(/etc/vmware/locations) gives really poor readability

b) it doesn't check to see if you already have the correct modules (/like
looking in /lib/modules/<uname -?>

c) I just want to reconfigure networking - not the kernel modules - but it
won't let me

d) it's networking setup is badly screwed - last time I looked although it
asked you for a netmask, it then assumed it was and didn't
even warn you if this wasn't what you had typed in.


Adrian (a willing guinea pig if you want your packages testing!)

email: adrian.bridgett@iname.com
Windows NT - Unix in beta-testing.   PGP key available on public key servers
Debian GNU/Linux  -*-   because I'm allergic to Prozac   -*-  www.debian.org

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