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Re: Why 2 inconsistent package managers frontents?

Joey Hess wrote:
> Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > APT maintains it's own database. If you use dselect you must always
> > perform [U]pgrade before doing anything, that is a dselectism.
> Bah. Bah, I say.
> Jason, the available file is not just some "dselectism". It's used by
> lots of programs, dpkg to name one. It is a fundamental part of a Debian
> system, and of what makes Debian special (as opposed to say, Red Hat):
> there's a list of every available package, even those you don't have
> installed. Just because you invented your own personal replacement for
> it in the apt cache is no reason to continue to ignore the usefulness of
> the available file, nor the repeated requests of users and developers
> alike to make apt support it in a sane manner.
> apt-get update should update the available file too, and that's all
> there is to it. Would you like a patch?
> A Debian system without a populated available file is a crippled Debian
> system.
> --
> see shy jo

 OK,so I get it.Basically apt-get doesn't use the available file in
/var/lib/dpkg .That means that with pretty much every new user and
some old ones like myself who'll use only apt-get for installs
there is a fairly big possibillity of packages not beeing on-sync.
 I'll reopen my bug-report then against tasksel but file it against
apt-get since it's obvious for me that apt-get upgrade should deal with
all available packages that dpkg and dselect knows about.
 For me as a user I don't care about how many package-managers or
frontends are in Debian.All I want is that regardless of which one
I use(choice is good) they all should be in sync .
 Thanks for the insight!

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