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Re: Why 2 inconsistent package managers frontents?

On Sun, 18 Jun 2000, Mircea Luca wrote:

> I'm using Debian for some time now and have to say that the 
> inconsistency between apt-get and dselect is getting really
> annoying .I mean it is a fact of life that you have to be running
> the unstable for a home-desktop system to be in touch with the 

> latest software but at least I would think that one doesn't have to
> do apt-get dist-upgrade AND apt-get dselect-upgrade to get everything
> upgraded.

Erm, you generally don't. Sometimes thought there can be temporary foo
bars that need some human intervention, either through dselect or via
'apt-get install'

> I know that apt-get is very young and doesn't have all the features
> that dselect have but honestly I hated dselect and it's

Heh, it is actually about to celebrate it's 4th birthday. It does have all
the non-gui features of dselect too, and about 4 front ends (gnome-apt,
capt, aptitude and dselect). Take your pick of what you want to use.

> clunky interface from day one and I think that at least the 2 databases
> can be kept in sync on the apt-side since according to my experience
> apt is the culprit here and unless one is a veeery determined Debian

APT maintains it's own database. If you use dselect you must always
perform [U]pgrade before doing anything, that is a dselectism.

> still is rather annoying and hard to explain to somebody new on a Debian
> layout why he/she have to use apt-get install package but have to type
> dselect update or do a apt-get upgrade and apt-get dselect-upgrade
> to have everything 100% in place.

That is not generally the case. You are free to mix and match dselect/apt,
you just have to run [U]pdate when you first load dselect. 'apt-get
dselect-upgrade' is not really ment for use by anything other than the
dselect method script, it is probably not entirely safe to run it.


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