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Re: Ssh tunneling local cvs to Debian machines

>>>>> "peter" == peter karlsson <peter@softwolves.pp.se> writes:

    peter> I have all my source code in CVS, on my home machine, and I
    peter> would like to be able to check out those sources on one of
    peter> Debian's big-endian machines.  However, since I'm currently
    peter> using dial-up, I would like to tunnel the cvs access over
    peter> ssh so that I don't have to change the CVS settings each
    peter> new connect.

man cvs:

              cvs uses the contents of this variable to determine
              the name of the remote shell command  to  use  when
              starting a cvs server.  If this variable is not set
              then `rsh' is used.

means, set this to ssh, and of you go...
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