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Re: The Grand Plan

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 11:35:24PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> In particular, TC3 looks like involving:
> 	* The traditional random updates to the install system
> 	  (boot-floppies, CD scripts, base-config, dpkg; if the people
> 	   involved could start finalising these now ready for midweek that
> 	   would be handy, assuming they're not already)
> 	* Removal of:
> 		gnome-napster, cheops, freeamp(from powerpc only)
> 	* Updates for:
> 		  opie, cupsys, postgresql, emacs20, gnome-pim, eterm,
> 		  mailx, glide2-v2, glide2-v3, mule2, sysvinit, setserial,
> 		  xinetd, zope, anacron, atlas, locale-ja, whois, splitvt,
> 		  openldapd, roxen
> 	  (all already in incoming)
> 	* And, hopefully, updates for:
> 		xfree86, cricket, epic
> 	  (which are floating around, but not actually uploaded for frozen.
> 	   cricket and epic will be removed if fixes aren't uploaded, and
> 	   cricket needs an NMU/sponsored upload, by the looks)

What about kernel 2.2.16?  You didn't mention that, but it sounds like an
important update.


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