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Ssh tunneling local cvs to Debian machines


One of the programs I'm developing (and also maintaining for Debian,
currently sponsored, but next upload will be done by me since I'm now a
Debian developer) has some big-endian/little-endian issues that I would like
to try to fix (currently, I have just blocked big-endian builds from
succeeding in the configure scripts, but that is not a very nice thing to do).

I have all my source code in CVS, on my home machine, and I would like to be
able to check out those sources on one of Debian's big-endian machines.
However, since I'm currently using dial-up, I would like to tunnel the cvs
access over ssh so that I don't have to change the CVS settings each new

Has anyone done this, and could please help me in what command line syntax
to use with ssh? I've not been able to figure it out (even though I've done
similar things before, why I can't get it to work now is beyond me).

Please Cc replies, as I do not read this list regurarly.
peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

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