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Re: Keeping unstable up2date without internet connection ?

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 12:51:54AM +0200, Markus Fischer wrote:
> Hello,
> I allready sent a similar mail to debian-user@ but got no helping
> response so far; thats why I'm trying debian-devel.
> I maintain a bunch of machines in a seperate network which is not
> connected (even not dial-up) to the internet due the security and
> using policies. These machines are running potato now (just
> upgraded them from slink last week). Some of the machines I use
> as developing machines and therefore I would really appriciate it
> seeing them running the latest unstable.
> My problem now: How can I keep up to date with my choosen
> unstable machines without burning a full unstable snapshot every
> week or so ?
> I would like to see a way to find out when I am e.g. at home
> (with my internet connection) which packages are new compared to
> my package tree I have at work. So i can (hopefully automatically
> ?) download them and take them with me on my zip drive.
> Maybe there is allready such a solution ?
> thanks for taking the time reading this,
> 	Markus

What about :

on notnetted machines:
-> dpkg -l | perl -ne '@f=split;print $f[1]," "' >pkg_$(hostname)
-> cat pkg_* | sort | uniq >pkg_all
-> apt-get update
-> apt_get install -d $(cat pkg_all)
-> cp -a /var/cache/apt /mnt/zip

This should solve 80-90% of problem.

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