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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for June 16, 2000

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 05:56:12PM -0400, Avijit Ghosh wrote:
> > Last I tried (it was 3.3.4 or .5, can't remember), you couldn't even run X
> > with SiS 6326 properly, without turning off all accelerations. And even
> > then, it couldn't render the fixed font in an xterm, it displayed it black
> > on black. >:(
> 	I (unfortunately) have the SiS6326 card at home on a Slink
> machine. There is a single version of X (3.3.4 I believe, but I can check
> when I get home if you'd like)  which runs properly w/ acceleration.

Please do, so that the information in the Release Notes is precise.

IIRC (this was on a friend's machine) the debs shipped with slink didn't
work at all, so I had to get the 3.3.4 debs slink-recompiled.

> Its only flaw is that it doesn't recognize your memory above 4 megs,

Oh yes, I remember noticing this, too.

I also noticed that some parts of the screen get garbled up after some time,
besides the fixed font issue.

> but at least moving windows around doesn't cause your entire screen to be
> rewritten. For some reason the version after that (3.3.5, I didn't try
> 3.3.6) broke X again. Perhaps a note to SiS6326 users to stick w/ an older
> version of X might be useful to people hunting down the problem..

Yes. >:<

This is with xserver-svga (i.e. XF86_SVGA) server, right? I have to verify.

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