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Big Book of MIME RFC's


I have your IPSec book; love the approach you took that the RFC's describe
the standards best by themselves.  Having all related RFC's together in a
book by theme, with obsoleted RFC's removed makes them much more readable.
A lot of times I'll read one RFC, and be kind of confused because I missed
related ones that come before or after or just provide context.  So having
them in print form is very nice.  Also makes my travel time more productive;
computer screen hurts my eyes after a while, and can't afford to use dialup
modem on my plane flights.

I've been needing the exact same thing for all the MIME standards.
Having the Email standards in print form would be equally as welcome.  

I could tell you were from the east coast by the way you answered
the phone "you sound like you're trying to sell me something" :-)
Yes.  Trying to sell you on producing the book I need ^_^

Btw, the Web standards themselves seem to base themselves implicitly
on MIME; is there a way to get this made explicit?  Or does the web
use some superset of MIME?  Inquiring minds want to know. The
ambiguity here is making it hard for me to finish my own little libcgi;
looking through the source of other cgi libraries shows they are aware
of the ambiguities and uncertainties themselves.

I'm CC'ing Frank Willison of O'Reilly books on this; if Morgan Kaufmann
doesn't see a market for the information, it seems O'Reilly may have
a project to fill in the gap themselves.

Anyhow, have a good morning.  Cheers!

PS:  although I found your book necessary in my work, and very useful, the
price tag seems about steep.  2/3 of the price would be much more fair.
But thats an issue with your publishers; I have no problem with you getting
every penny you can out of them.

It isn't true unless it makes you laugh, but you don't
really understand it till it makes you cry.

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